Courses at Studio 87


Beginner's Yoga Course

If you’re new to yoga this course is perfect for you. We will break down the practice in a slow pace, look into key postures, pranayama, meditation techniques and demystify Sanskrit. You will be able to ask questions and get familiar and comfortable in a yoga studio environment.

(Scientifically proven to Improve Core Strength, Flexibility, Balance, Bone Density, Relief From Anxiety/ Stress)

Our next round of courses will start on Wednesday 8th June at 6:45pm running for 6 weeks.

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Yoga for Improvers Course

Ideal if you have already attended a beginner's course or have done a little bit of yoga before and want to take your yoga to the next level in a small class learning environment.

Each week we will explore more challenging postures including hip openers, backbends, balancing postures, and sun salutation variations helping you build strength, improve flexibility as well as allowing you to feel more grounded and yet also lighter and more open. 


This course is suitable for any level except complete beginners (please join our beginner's course).

This class is a little bit faster than beginner's and a little bit slower than our drop in classes.

Our next round of courses will start on Wednesday 8th June at 7:45pm running for 6 weeks.

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